PPC Recruitment Achieves 4th Place In Recruiter Awards 2019

Career Junction, dubbed as South Africa’s number one “Quality Candidate Provider” hosted the annual Recruiter Awards 2019. Recruitment agencies from all over the country enter the nominations and are voted for by satisfied job seekers and clients. PPC Recruitment, as one of the nominated recruitment agencies came 4th place in the final round of nominations. It comes as no surprise that this remarkable agency was in the Top 5 of the best agencies in the country. They have raving reviews from candidates/job seekers. Some had the following to say:

"This agency is one of a kind and it provides advice to job seekers like us. I had a great experience working with them. "

"I was well taken care of."

"I always got satisfaction with PPC Recruitment."

"Excellent Service"

"Very good agency to work with"


"I felt as part of a family more than just a number to their database. Thank you for great support Mary and her team."

"I would recommend PPC to each and everyone who wants a new chapter, new environment. The level of professionalism is amazing."


Satisfied job seekers had plenty to say about Mary, whom they regarded as an exceptional team member of PPC Recruitment. Some had this to say about her:


“Mary introduced me to my current mentor who has been phenomenal.”


“I would not be where I am today if it was not for Mary K. Much appreciated for everything.”

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